Scotts Valley

Priorities for the Future

Town Center

The upcoming completion of the Hangar Tap Room and Grill will brighten the prospects for a Town Center and additional retail.  A community gathering place for our future is vital to our city.

Hanger building.jpeg

Defensible Space

We need to work with the State and Federal government, including, Cal Fire and Scotts Valley Fire to create a city-wide defensible space against future wild fires.


Business Revival

Aiding businesses to help them recover and thrive will be extremely important for our future.  Filling vacancies, including the Kmart space, is essential as we move Scotts Valley forward.


Navigating Covid-19

As a city we worked hand-in-hand with businesses and residents to provide toolkits for keeping them safe during the initial onset of Covid-19.  As we continue to navigate this pandemic, leadership will play a very important role in our recovery 

Hand sanitizer.jpg